An Introduction


I have to admit my first attempt at this blogging thing is rather scary to say the least. I feel unqualified to write my thoughts for the world to read. Think about it. I’m writing my deepest, most secret thoughts and sharing them to anyone and everyone. Wow! It is humbling in a way. It feels wonderful to let out these thoughts and maybe some secrets with you. I’m just an average person who is not extremely talented, but wants to share. That’s it!! Give your heart to people. Just be who you are. Say what you feel. This is exactly what I’m doing. So, here we go on this journey together!!

The title of my blog, Joyful Heart, says what I want to ultimately have. You see, I love the Lord God with all my heart, soul and mind. I pray every day for God to use me in ways to bring glory and honor to Him. Everyone strives to be like Jesus every day. Jesus was the ultimate example of a joyful heart. May I always remember this. Do I accomplish this each day? I can answer that with a resounding NO!!! Not even close! I fail. each. and. every. day. God knows this. He is waiting on me to come back to him as a daughter and say, “I need you, Lord. I can’t make it without you.”

So you are probably thinking, what makes a joyful heart? Well, to be honest all I can say is just staying close to Jesus each and every day. Making that commitment to always put Him first in everything you do. Staying in His Word. Talking to God in prayer as a best friend. You see, true joy doesn’t come from your circumstances, but from the deep wells of your heart in spite of your circumstances. Does this make sense? No matter what is going on in your life, you can have true joy. Knowing that Jesus has it all under control no matter what. Happiness is based solely on your circumstances, but joy is based in Jesus.

Perhaps this little blog post I wrote today will touch someone’s heart. I hope it does. I’m not perfect in any way, but I love One who is perfect. He can give you joy unspeakable in spite of the most distressing circumstances. Why don’t you give Him a try? Let go and let God take your life and troubles and you will see what I’m talking about. My friend, it won’t be overnight. Stay faithful, stay in the Word, stay on your knees in prayer, stay close to Jesus. Little by little, day by day, He will become real to you. Let Him become your best friend.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts in thee.”  Isaiah 26:3




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  1. Loved your first post. How wonderful that you are starting a blog. It’s so exciting. Praying God brings you and others many blessings through your kind joyful encouraging words!!! Hugs! Stephanie

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